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Our Club originated during 1984 in the West Launceston and Summerdale School areas when coaches and parents from both schools formed the Western Suburbs Junior Soccer Club. The club played games on Saturday mornings at various primary schools in the Launceston area and in 1988 played all games at Olgilvie Park, Invermay. 

During 1990 the club aligned itself with the Juventus Soccer Club, now (Launceston City Soccer Club), based at the Australian Italian Club, and the junior club adopted the senior club name.
The alignment with Juventus was to create a pathway for junior players wanting to further their playing career. Soon after, a direction was received from Soccer Australia that all soccer clubs were not permitted to use ethnic names. This was an attempt to avoid problems with crowd control on the mainland and to give the game an Australian culture. Our club adopted the name Westside Devils as we are the western suburbs of Launceston and on the outskirts of the Meander Valley and Northern Midlands Municipalities.
The club colours being Black & White made the Tasmanian Devil an obvious choice as a club mascot/logo. As our club aligned with the senior club we also obtained the benefit of being a founding member of the Northern Tasmanian Junior Soccer Association and continued on with the membership of the original Juventus Junior Soccer Club which had become redundant during mid 1970's. 

During 2003 our club received a plaque for thirty years of service to the Northern Tasmanian Junior Soccer Association and congratulations for breaking the all time record for the number of players in one season, 377 players in 34 teams, (an increase of 80 players for that year).
Our club has been at the forefront of may beneficial changes in junior soccer in northern Tasmania since it's induction to the Northen Tasmanian Junior Soccer Association. 

Westside Devils has been awarded the NTJSA's Club of the Year award on a number of occassions, the most recent in 2004 and again in 2007 when we set yet another all time record of 440 players in 39 teams.

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