Monday, 1 September 2014



Westside Devils Trophy Day is this Sunday 7th September in the Clubrooms Mitsubishi Park, Prospect.

Coaches please ensure you return your teams playing tops, balls and equipment on Sunday. 

We need volunteers to help on the day for the BBQ, Collection of Uniforms & Equipment, Ticket sellers for the World Cup Ball and we would love a Barista so we can use the coffee machine! 
If you can help out please let me or Michael know ASAP on 0448 888648.

The schedule for Trophy Day is as follows:

10AM  U16 Div 1 Daredevils
U13 Div 1 Bhoys
SeniorGirls Jets

10.30AM U6 Div 1 Challengers
U6 Div 1 Magpies
U6 Div 1 Pocket Rockets
U6 Div 2 Rockets
U6 Div 2 Scorpions

11.20AM U7 Div 1 Pirates
U7 Div 2 Tigers
U7 Div 2 Colts
U7 Div 2 Badgers

11.50AM  U9 Div 1 Victory
U9 Div 2 Devils
U9 Div 2 Hawks
U9 Div 2 Legends
U9 Div 2 Orcas
U9 Div 3 Zebras

12.30PM U11 Div 1 Strikers
U11 Div 1 Warriors
U11 Div 2 Raptors
U11 Div 2 Bulldogs
U11 Div 3 Diablos
U11 Div 3 Oreos

1pm  U13 Div 1 Wanderers
U13 Div 1 Pajeros
U13 Div 2 Broncos
Junior Girls She Devils

1.30pm  U15 Div 1 Piranahs
U15 Div 1 Viktoree
U15 Div 2 Roosters
U16 Div 1 City
U6 Div 1 Giants
U9 Div 1 Dashers

Please note each player will receive a Trophy and a bag of goodies (hopefully including the FFT Ball if it arrives).

Coaches, you will have a chance to say a few words about your season that was, please let you team know to be there.

And as the 2015 season will come around very quickly we are holding the AGM on Wednesday 17th September 7pm in the Clubrooms Mitsubishi Park, Prospect. All Welcome!

We would like you to put up your hand up this year to be a part of the Committee as this will be the last year that the current committee will be involved. We are happy to mentor in all Positions: President, Secretary, Registrar, Treasurer, during 2015 but will need a full Committee at year end.

We will also need volunteers to man the NTJSA Canteen for the 2015 Season - Friday nights and all day Saturday throughout 2015, as Westside will have the Canteen at NTJSA and this is a MAJOR fundraiser for our club.

We look forward to catching up with you all on Sunday and hope you have a great game for the last of the season!