Friday, 6 February 2015


Westside Devils will hold their Information Day on Saturday 14th February 2015 from 10am to 3pm in the clubrooms Mitsubishi Park, 416 Westbury Road, Prospect.

The Registration fees for players are:

  • $160 per player

Please note it is a FFA requirement that Registration Fees be paid by 30th April 2015 - to ensure your child is insured. Your child will not be able to play after this date unless paid in full or you have arranged a payment plan with our Treasurer Cassandra Lawlor 0488 950 717.

If you are paying by payment plan you must have paid $100 per child by 30th April 2015 in order for them to play. (This covers the FFA, FFT and NTJSA fees which after 30th April 2015 are non refundable)

To pay by internet/Bank Deposit please credit:

Commonwealth Bank
BSB     067 003
Account Number     28053365
Please put your childs last name in the Reference details.

Please email or text our Treasurer, Cassandra Lawlor or 0488 950 717  to advise of the payment.

  1. Go to the MyFootballClub website:
  2. Click on “Register Now” 
  3. Select “Player Registration” 
  4. Follow the prompts to proceed to login pages, find your FFA number and/or reset your password
  5. Login using your FFA number and password:
  • FFA Number
  • Password

  1. Start Registration
  1. Once logged in, select “Make a Registration” or “Register Now”
  2. Update contact details if necessary. 
  3. On the next screen, enter the club name WESTSIDE DEVILS (NT) (stands for North Tasmania)
    NB: If you get a message saying there are no packages then click OK and check the club name
  4. Select the Registration role as: “Player”
    NB: If this is the first time you have registered to play football in Australia you will need to confirm whether you played in another country
  5. Select the correct Registration Package that applies for your registration. 
2015 Registration Fee $160.00 per child
  1. Click the “Add” button. 
  2. Click the Next button at the bottom of the screen. 
  3. Read and acknowledge the Terms and Conditions then click Next. 
  4. Click on “Pay Now” to pay online with a credit card (VISA or MasterCard), or select “manual Payment at Club” if you want to pay at our club information day on February 14th 10am - 3pm in the Clubrooms Mitsubishi Park Prospect.
    NB: Payment must be made before a registration can be accepted.

      • You will NOT have the Opportunity to Purchase additional items
      • WE DO NOT HAVE ADD ONS THIS YEAR - (unfortunately the Payment page says we do)
      • Shorts and socks can be purchased at the information day 14th February in the Clubrooms (cash or cheque only)

  5. Answer the Additional Questions on the final page and click the “Save All Answers” button. 

Your registration has now been submitted. Make sure you have paid your fees and completed any necessary ID checks, etc. 
  1. Where do I go if I need help with my registration? 
If you have any trouble with your registration you can use the following resources to help you.

  • Visit the FAQ’s page on the MyFootballClub website. 
  • View the Player Registration guides and videos which are on the Resources page of the MyFootballClub website. 
  • Call FFA Support Centre (02) 8020 4199 if you are having problems with your password to login.
  • Call Cathy Hancox, Secretary Westside Devils 0400 505 555 ( after 6.30pm each day due to work).

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